About the Aldridge Squad Volunteers

Addition 10.12.2010 - From Vera
Were THRILLED to see the LOVE for PJ. We always knew it was there. Geez, how could you not love that guy. He's a great dude.. He's super. He's PJ.  Thank you all for all that you have done. Like, PJ, I don't want to name names for fear I will forget someone. Soooo, So, many have made this HAPPEN! We don't know totals yet, but it's GRAND. All pushed to RESEARCH and AWARENESS of lung cancer. You ALL make a difference. PUSH the website to ALL of your friends.The POWER of AWARENESS is unmeasurable. Thank you.  Vera
Who is The Aldridge Squad?
The Aldridge Squad in the beginning, was made up of friends and family.  PJ was diagnosed with lung cancer, we had to do something, with a blink of an eye, we were rallying together to do all possible to help PJ through anything he needed, supporting and loving him every step of the journey we'd been SLAMMED with, Lung Cancer.  Initially, our goal was to create "National PJ Week" to raise money for lung cancer research.  As we moved into planning events and searching for where to donate funds, two things became extremely important and DROVE us:   1) PJ's desire of stopping this dreaded disease from hurting others, he doesn't want others to go through what he has gone through and 2) The research currently being done on lung cancer is alarming. It's the number one cancer diagnosed in the U.S with the LEAST amount of funding for a cure! Those two things made it perfectly clear,  we had to do something NOW.  The Aldridge Squad evolved quickly...
The Aldridge Squad is a SQUAD, a team of friends, family, doctors, researchers and advocates joining forces against lung Cancer.  We are passionate in generating funds for the cure and raising awareness of lung Cancer.  
We strive for 100% of donations to go DIRECTLY to research.  Our team is enthusiastic about finding the BEST innovative programs, research centers, doctors, to receive funds. Countless hours are spent to ensure every dollar makes a difference in the world of Lung Cancer. Dr. Edelman of University of Maryland is one we have selected to receive donations from PJAF. He's amazingly dedicated to research of lung cancer. 
If you have time, check the various tabs on the website for more information or email us at www.info@pjaf.org 
Passion and determination makes it happen! 
The Aldridge Squad
P.S. We don't know where to squeeze this in, really it it needs to be on EVERY page, but Thank you to so, so, so, so, many for making this happen.  It's a combination of many people that LOVE and ADORE PJ.  D3, We OWE you big! John, WOW, you have a talented team.  It has been grand to work with Natalee and the the video DUDES!  Jamie, our first photo shoot made the cover of newspapers in"the county", Tammy, you SPIRIT has gotten us the added attention, Deserie, your FAB, Jesse, your video's make us scream!  ALL of OC and St, Mary's County people you LOVE for PJ makes everything we do a success! It takes a team of people with passion to make anything happen, a team with one goal, a team working together. Thank you ALL.  It's HAPPENING! We can't thank everyone enough.  Love to you ALL!