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Thought for 2/17/2011

Posted: Thursday, February 17, 2011

I celebrated my one year mark. Not sure if celebrate is really the right word? I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer February 10th 2010. I was told I had 3 months to live. I told the doctor, “Doc, We’ve got to work something out, that’s not going to work for me.” One year later, here I am. I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I have, I really can’t put the words together to describe what all have done for me. I love you all and thank you so, so, so much.

This past year has been wonderful. I know that sounds so strange, but the people that love me have done incredible things for me. I just never expected it and I am so grateful. Leighton and Rebecca Moore allowing me to move in, The Bar Crawl in my home town, Blow it Up for PJ Week, PJ’s for PJ at High Point University, Todd running in the marathon and shaving his head, The Oprah Show, D3Corp making my webpage, my mom, my dad, people just donating to the foundation on our webpage, the Parrott Head selecting the PJAF as one of the charities to donate to for Mardi Gras 2011, all the media, well just everyone.

Thank you so much Vera Taylor! We had an idea and look how far it has come! Without you it never would have happened! I love you and thank you so much for your endless support and passion for the foundation.

I love you all so much. You’ve helped me, and you’ve given me strength. I’ll never be able to thank you enough. I’m thankful to be here, and even more thankful to have the friends and family that I have. I love you all.