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Thought for June 13th

Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PJ here…. My week has been so great, well, every week is great. The support and love from all makes each day so special to me. Wednesday I was in NY with the Robert Graham team, what they are planning for PJAF is overwhelming and I feel so lucky and blessed. Anita, Robert and all – Thank you. I love you, you are truly wonderful.
PJAF is going to CA in late July early August to be apart of the grand opening of the Robert Graham store in Venice, CA, where a portion of proceeds will be donated to PJAF. But, they are giving us such a big gift. PJAF on the West Coast. It will help build our foundation to a much higher level. We are so thankful.
We present our first check to Dr. Edelman’s research of lung cancer on June 17th. 150,000! PJAF is so appreciative to ALL that has made this possible!

Were asked, where does the money go?

From Dr. Martin Edelman…

“The donations from PJAF will be utilized to further translational research in lung cancer. Our program is focused on the rapid translation of science into clinical trials. Specifically, we will employ these funds to perform laboratory studies of novel therapeutics in preparation for clinical trials as well as analysis of specimens from ongoing studies. These studies allow us to optimize new drug combinations for dose and sequence as well as to refine pharmacodynamic assays and determine whether there are specific groups of patients who may benefit from a new approach. In addition, we will be able to purchase needed equipment, such as that for the detection of circulating tumor cells. PJAF’s donations will significantly advance efforts at the UMGCC to provide new treatments and approaches for patients with lung cancer.” Dr. Martin Edelman, Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine & Director of Solid Tumor Oncology Greenebaum Cancer Center.

Thank you all. I love you so very much. You make me fight. Without you, PJAF wouldn’t be here. PJAF is so important to me in helping others, so thank you, thank you, thank you. God bless you. Till next time.