PJ's Thoughts

Thought for March 1st!

Posted: Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My doctor appointment with Dr. Edelman was this past Tuesday. All scans and tests remain clear. I'm so very fortunate, I'm living life so differently, everyday is a gift. Every doctors appointment makes me somewhat anxious, I play the "what if" game. But, I'm constantly reminded by all that love me to stay positive. 50% is attitude. My friends and family provide so much positive "mojo" for me. So, so, so thankful. Friday was also special, one of the best days ever. Bryan Russo, and the band The Chest Pains were in the recording studio working on the song Bryan has written for us, "Sound the Alarms". They invited me to be there and Jesse had a video crew there to video the recording. It's hard to describe the thoughts going through my mind as these guys worked hours to make it the best they could, for PJAF. We had a great time. I am so blessed and very grateful to everyone. I probably say that each time I write a PJ Thought, but its so very true. Thank you!!
March and April have a lot of things for PJAF. Mid March a video will be taped at Lighthouse Sound (thanks Kim!) the video is part of launching "PJ's and Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things" raffle (thank you Jesse for all the videos you provide us) The raffle will be online sometime in March. With the help of so many, we are raffling the entire package off, including the car. One raffle ticket for EVERYTHING and were paying it forward as Oprah did and paying the winners taxes. Oprah gave us such a gift to help build PJAF, we are so happy to be able to do this and again, thankful to Oprah. Mardi Gras Kings and Queens are really working hard to raise money for Worcester County Youth & Family Resources and our foundation. Mardi Gras event is in March. I'm probably missing mentioning other things, there are so many, please know I am grateful for all things being planned in support of PJAF and me.