PJ's Thoughts

Thought for March 28, 2011

Posted: Monday, March 28, 2011

Saying I'm lucky, fortunate and blessed again. I know it seems odd. There's nothing lucky about lung cancer, but what is happening to me and others with lung cancer is. I always fear when I write a PJ's Thoughts is that I will leave something out. Please know ever prayer, gesture, hug, positive thought for me truly helps me continue to push myself.

Wonderful things continue to happen, I am grateful, thankful and love you for it. Lauren Barrett, a 10 year old in the area recently had a birthday. She asked that her friends donate to PJAF instead of receiving gifts! Lauren, you are a gift with a HUGE heart. A friend of mine wrote to Robert Graham, a favorite clothing designer of mine. She asked him to join the Aldridge Squad. He/They did! They sent me awesome shirts, invited PJAF to an event where a % of the dollars raised would go to PJAF and a few other things. We say in addition to the pjaf mojo, "passion makes it happen", we are adding "just ask". People want to be apart of something good, something that can make a difference. Thank you Robert Graham team.

Last night was the Mardi Gras Carnival. The OC Parrot Heads chose us as one of the charities to receive dollars raised. The royal court raised the most money ever in the 11 years the Parrot Heads have done this event. Thank you, thank you!

Salisbury University is hosting a PJ's for PJ Day in April. The sorority is wonderful. Awareness is happening. Thank you.

How can I not feel lucky, blessed? Each day is a gift. Thank you so much. I know your thoughts, prayers and positive attitude and mojo is making this happen. I love you all so very much.