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Nov 01, 2011 - November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

Did you know November 1st is the first day of Lung Cancer Awareness Month? It's ok if you didn't, I didn't know until shortly after being diagnosed 1 year and 8 months ago.  Who "googles"  or does research on lung cancer, right?

The PJ Aldridge Foundation knows now and we are hopeful along with our friends Nicolle, Bonnie and Sheila from The Bonnie J. Addario Foundation, Jen from Where's the Funding for Lung Cancer? and a host of others we will make many others aware this year and years to come.

We travel to High Point University this week for PJ's for PJ Day (thank you Caroline) and to Drexel University (thanks Victor) for a speaking engagement November 9th.  Were so looking forward to both events.

Our first raffle of PJ's & Oprah's Favorite Things was a success.  Thank you to all that supported us.  We've estimated a total of $55,000 was raised our continued efforts in funding research and awareness of lung cancer.  Jamie McCoy of East New Market, MD was the winner.  She has received most of the prizes, but is still waiting for the BIG prize of the VW Beetle Volkswagen. (It's coming Jamie! We promise!)

We still have the second set of gifts received from Oprah including the 2nd VW Beetle.  We are brainstorming the best way to raffle, auction, or something outside the box to raise an additional $55,000 or MORE for the foundation.  Special thanks to Curtis from Volkswagen Giveaway.  He was more than wonderful in reaching out to us to make sure the cars were delivered, and all was in place for PJAF. 

There of course, are so many others to thank.  Astella's pharmaceutical donated $5,000 to the foundation on behalf of our friend Ivan Martinez.

Cancer Support Community of Delmarva included PJAF in their fund raising efforts and donated over $1,000 to the foundation. Our friend, Stacy from Sangria Jewelry donated lung cancer awareness bracelets to earn donations, and so, so, so much more.  Really, thank you.

The foundation continues to evolve thanks to all of you.  We are and will continue to be eternally grateful. Our passion for change in the world of lung cancer is thriving.  The foundation is not known worldwide, YET.  Our goal is to make it there one day, passion makes anything happen, right?

Thank you again for the prays, mojo, and support.


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